Early Adopters Program

"Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them will."

Our community is driven by everyday women like yourself. Our goal is to empower women through fashion by creating a body-positive space and a platform to network with one another through fashion, personal interests and career goals and aspirations.

We are inspired to create sustainable options for women on the-go. We want to give you the power to put a little cash back in your pocket and feel empowered by your own style.

THE PROJECT: Curating a list of rentable dresses, rompers, jumpsuits and pantsuits from the women in your community, based on size and style.

YOUR ROLE: You will browse closets for dresses, jumpsuits, blazers and skirts that you'd be interested in renting. You’ll also add your own pieces to the community for others to borrow.

INCLUSIVE: We want to capture the city's cultural diversity! If you have cultural outfits that you'd like to include, please add them to your list, the more the merrier!

If you are interested in joining the Early Adopters Program please submit your name and email address below. We will be in touch with next steps.

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