What Is sondr?

Sondr is an online platform built to enable people to list, rent and borrow outfits from local closets within the community.


Our objective is to make a positive contribution to the waste reduction efforts within the City of Toronto.


We are proud to host fabrics, styles and outfits from various cultures and backgrounds. Everyone is welcome to list, rent and enjoy the closets of all of our users based on their style, brand or culture.


We believe that each individual has a story to tell with their unique style and perspective - we’re more than just a closet-sharing platform, we’re a social network powered by you!

How Does It Work?

Early adopters have the opportunity to rent a selection of outfits available on Sondr. (1) Items will be listed on sondr.io. Select the “rentals” page to begin browsing. (2) Select the item you want to rent & follow the prompts on the calendar to select the desired rental period (3 or 7 days). (3) Follow the prompts and proceed to check-out & that’s it!


Lending Early adopters will have the opportunity to lend their clothes and make an income via Sondr’s platform. If you signed up as an early adopter, we will reach out to you between September - October with more details.

How Do I join?

Sign up for our early adopter program!