What’s Happening?

Textile waste is a growing concern among Canadians. Our research has shown that Ontarians are generating ~500,000 tonnes of textile waste each year and that number is expected to rise.

Most people believe that their donations are going to good use. However, 85% of our unwanted clothes are actually not reused or recycled efficiently, instead, it’s going directly to landfills within Canada and oversees.

Our consumption of fast-fashion is resulting in pollution, more waste and other negative environmental impacts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to launch an innovative approach to upcycling in order to keep waste out of our landfills. We’re launching an online rental system for people to list, rent and borrow outfits from their closets to the community; fashion made simple and sustainable.


Our objective is to make a positive contribution to the waste reduction efforts within the city and beyond. Adopting sustainable solutions will allow us to get there.


We value and represent the vibrancy of the city. Everyone is welcome to list, rent and enjoy the closets of all of our users based on their style, brand or culture.


Community and storytelling is key to our platform. Sharing your closet is one thing, but sharing your story brings a unique perspective like no other.


We are currently enlisting early adopters to join our program and test out the service for the summer. We are planning to launch the platform before the end of 2019.