SONDER TORONTO is a peer-to-peer rental service for women, by women. Our objective is to create a platform for women to create, share, and empower one another through fashion. We want to reinforce body positivity and encourage women to shop according to their body type. 

Following our objectives, we aim to create a community where women can feel open to connect on a personal and professional level - whether you're looking for the perfect dress for a wedding, or you're heading out to an important interview - we want you to be able to create a lasting connection with beautiful memories. 

Piloting the project in Toronto also comes with great perks! Connecting to thousands of women based on style is one thing, but having the opportunity to connect on culture is a whole other ball game and we want to bring that opportunity to you. We also strive to be inclusive - whether you identify as female, queer, trans, plus-size, petite etc., we hope to expand our service to include options for everyone.

In addition to our community, we aim to reduce the community's environmental impact by modelling our business based on rentals instead of resales - we encourage you to use what's already in your closet!

Sonder encompasses the feeling of love, wonder and mystery... 

Sonder is a compilation of the most precious parts of your life. Everyone asks “What does “sonder” mean?” and to that, I respond with “… it’s like staring out of the window of a coffee shop, or laying on the grass, silently observing each random passerby – wondering who they are and what they’re doing. It’s realizing that each person is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.” Sonder encompasses the feeling of love, wonder and mystery. With every dress rented, the garment goes through the life of someone new - thus creating a unique story behind each rented piece. 

It was exactly two years ago when I came up with the idea of renting personal dresses to other women. As a business student, I spent majority of my undergrad attending networking events. I always wanted to look the part but it wasn’t easy finding good outfits at an affordable price. I was tired of having to run around the mall last minute looking for something to wear when I knew there could be a simpler solution, and thus, the idea for Sonder was born. 

Currently, we’re developing our service and looking to grow our early adopter program. Stay up to date by signing up on our mailing list here and follow us on Instagram @sonder.toronto!

- Megan Ramwa (Founder, Sonder Toronto)


"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire..."


Megan Ramwa, Founder & CEO

Megan is a creative entrepreneur with a passion for developing the communities around her. She is a graduate of the Law & Business program at Ryerson University. 

During the day, Megan is as a corporate communications coordinator, working on day-to-day projects related to law and business. After 5PM, you can find Megan writing for (personal blog) and working on Sonder at a local coffee shop. In her spare time, Megan enjoys dabbling in dance and finding the best tacos in the city! 

Arfa Butt, Creative Director

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